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Utilise unused cellar space to its full potential
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Refurbishing an existing cellar is a great way to add value to your home and create additional family living space.

The problems of low ceiling heights, damp and a lack of natural light can all be tackled with specialist help, transforming a wasted room into much needed extra space.

Discover how Bray Building Services can help you use the potential hidden in that empty, unused space under your floorboards.
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Convert Your Cellar Into the Perfect Room
Garages and cellars are commonly unused and utilised to their full potential. They can be converted:
  • Open plan kitchen diners
  • Office space
  • Playrooms for expanding families
  • Or just a clean and dry space for organised storage.
We have the ability to transform damp and dejected spaces or replan your living/working space to incorporate previously redundant spaces and create spectacular interiors.
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We will work with you right the design stage to completion so you get the garage conversion you want.
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We are qualified architects as well as builders so we know how to make the space in your home work for you.
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We have a number of accreditations from Trustmark, Federation of Master Builders and Property Care Association.

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With thousands of happy customers we have earned an enviable reputation for a providing a great quality kitchen fitting service. But don't just take our word for it...

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"I would highly recommend Bray Building Services to anyone. They are professional, helpful and the quality of work is great."
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"Bray Building Services were great to work with and ensured our project stayed within budget. The have a great team of builders"
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Join over 2,450 of our happy customers and transform your cellar / basement

Specialist Basement Waterproofing

Walls and floors in rooms below ground level are subject to lateral damp penetration by either hydrostatic pressure or capillary action. 

However using specialist basement waterproofing techniques, basements, cellars and vaults can be transformed into habitable accommodation adding value to your property. 

Bright and Cosy Cellar

Most families yearn for extra space as an inbuilt requirement in today’s modern world. Generally the initial reaction is to consider moving to a bigger and generally far more expensive home, with the built in stress and heartache that such a move brings.

There is a growing band of home owners that are utilizing the space they already have, by converting dank and dingy cellars and basements into bright and cosy additional rooms instead.

Extending your home to provide more space is always an option, but ultimately there will be a significant loss of external space.

Cellar Conversion Ideas

Practically, for your average household, converting your cellar or basement can add as much if not more space to your home as extending upwards into the loft, or going out over surrounding land.

A dry, comfortable basement/cellar conversion is a great asset to add to your home with the countless uses. So just think for a moment, what would you use the extra living space for:

  • Home office
  • Additional bedroom
  • Child’s playroom
  • Home cinema
  • Games room
  • Kitchen

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Accreditations and Reviews

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Cellar Conversion Damp Proofing

Whatever your choice the critical point is that habitable space must be dry!

One of the most important factors with any cellar or basement project is making sure the waterproofing choice and its application is correct.

Structural waterproofing below ground level is a specialised operation and should be carried out by professionals having the right level of understanding as to what is required and experience in the conversion of existing basements.

Bray Building Services specialise in damp-proofing and structural waterproofing and are an approved contractor of ‘Sovereign’ and ‘Triton’ who’s qualified professionals are at hand to provide the necessary knowledge and expertise required for your basement conversion.

So what systems are available? 'Many' is the answer but all systems will fall into one of three categories as defined in BS8102 – 2009. These are:

Type A - Tanked Protection

The application of a bonded waterproofing system. Commonly referred to as Tanking.

These types of system are designed to wholly prevent physical ground water from penetrating the structural walls and floors. Typical products used to provide Type A protection are liquid applied membranes such as epoxy or bitumous products, self-adhesive sheet systems and cementitious compounds.

Type B - Integral Protection

This form of waterproofing relies upon the structure itself to form a water resistant shell to resist ground water penetration. Typically Type B forms are constructed using specially designed concrete incorporating steel reinforcement. Walls and floors are structurally linked with waterbars placed at construction joint detail.

Traditionally Type B is created in larger scale commercial and civil development, however we are seeing an increased use in new domestic construction.

Type C - Drained Protection

The principle of this form of waterproofing is to allow ground water to penetrate the structure so not to allow hydrostatic pressure build up. This method manages penetrating water by guiding it to an internal drainage system via a sealed isolating dimpled sheet membrane and directing it to a suitable discharge point outside of the building.

Join over 2,450 of our happy customers and transform your home or premises.

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