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A fantastic remodel and basement conversion. 

The owners found us via our Facebook page having downloaded our on-line brochure about adding value to your home without moving.

They had been in the house a long time and it needed reconfiguring and there was a cellar that was damp and un-usable but it seemed such a shame not to integrate this of space in a relatively small home.

They were looking for an open plan living space, create some character in the building  and to move the kitchen to the lower floor.

The quality of the finish was high on their agenda, but they had a tight budget, they intend to remain in the house for the long term.

A key feature of this project was to maximise the space in the kitchen and bathroom which our designer found the way to give the client all the space they wanted.

Client Name

Mr & Mrs Hoskins


Meltham, Huddersfield

Completion Date

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