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Post by Daniel Bray


A garage conversion can make it a useful space to truly optimise your home- if you take advantage of it in the right way. The size and type of garage that you have will influence what you can and can't do with it but there are still many possibilities available.

Types of Garage

Integrated Garages: These kinds of garages are, as the name suggests, part of the main structure of the house, occasionally connected on one side of the house. More often than not though, they are extended out in front of the house with a bedroom located above it.

Attached Garages: These garages are similar to integrated ones, but normally have an entrance accessed from inside the house, via the kitchen for example. This makes conversions even easier.

Detached Garages: Completely separated from the main property either by a small distance or large one, there is still much scope to transform these types of garage, just be aware that planning permission may have to be sought and granted first.

Real Homes magazine notes that you will definitely need planning permission to convert your garage if:

  • If you reside in a listed property
  • If the conversion will result in your home being extended beyond your permitted development rights
  • You are carrying out a garage conversion for business/work purposes.
  • Your local council has rules on reducing parking spaces.

Are you considering converting your garage into...well into anything?! Here's 10 new functions your garage could have and why it's worth wholeheartedly embracing garage conversions for your home!

1)Your garage can be transformed into a handy home-office so you're able to work productively. Garages are usually ideal for this function as they can be accessed via an independent entrance for work-related visitors with it being located away from the other major living rooms.

2) Garages also make great playrooms if you have kids, keeping their toys out of communal living areas and from under your feet, whilst allowing them to play and be creative until their hearts are content!

3) If you're a great fan of hosting dinner parties and gatherings expanding your kitchen to accommodate more diners and guests by utilising you garage space without comprising on precious garden space is the perfect solution!

4) Perhaps you crave that sophisticated dining room space to properly enjoy meals with your whole family? Turning your garage into a spacious dining room could be your answer!

5) Game rooms can keep teenagers occupied for hours, freeing up the rest of the house for your hobbies and pass times!

6) Transforming your garage into a gym means there's no excuse for your family not to do those exercises you've been promising to do, even in bad weather!

7) Film buffs may prefer a comfy home cinema installed in their garage space, complete with surround sound, reclining sofas to relax in and tables to hold those all-important movie snacks and drinks.

8) The opportunity to have a back-door entrance to access the washing line in the back garden means garages lend themselves well to serving as utility rooms for laundry and other household chores.

9) If you regularly invite guests over or have a large extend family a spare room could be just what your garage needs to be! With the right insulation, lighting, flooring and decor your new spare room could be the perfect place for relatives and guests to unwind in.

10) If your garage is a detached one it could make the perfect annexe, especially if it's a double sized garage, with scope to add a bathroom and more- ideal for giving elderly guests peace and quiet and privacy!

Whatever your preference garages hold a wealth of opportunities to be re-purposed as other useful functional rooms for work or leisure! Contact us to find our more about our garage conversion service! 



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