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Post by Daniel Bray

If you are thinking about home renovation in some areas in your home, it may be best to start off small with some touch ups here and there. We’ve found the most efficient and popular ways to update your home:

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel Appliances have become increasingly more popular for many reasons. They are low-maintenance and they give your home an effortless accent. The metal finish also gives your kitchen an extremely updated look with minimal effort. This design can also fit into any home design, there is no need to worry if it will match!

Walk- In Showers and Standing Bath Tubs

Walk-In Showers and Stand Alone Bathtubs are elegant and functional. They can make your bathroom look luxurious and boosts the resale value of your home. Walk-In Showers and their Standalone bathtub counterparts are significantly easier to clean as well. Any homeowner would appreciate that! It's incredibly versatile and can make any bathroom look updated!

Renovated Basements

Renovated basements are much sought after by new home buyers. They see a renovated basement as an opportunity for remodelling without an addition, which is perfect for guests, play rooms, an escape to watch some television, offices, a home gym, etc. The options are endless. That’s why giving your home this upgrade could significantly boost its value.

Wood in All of its Forms- Floors & Furniture

Hardwood Floors are a timeless classic. They will give any home decor the ultimate upgrade. Wooden Flooring makes your home look cleaner, they are easier to take care of, and they give your home a luxurious touch. The simplicity and elegance of wood floors are unbeatable for the price as well. If you update your floors from carpets- this can also help your resale value.

For furniture, these are also home accessories that will never go out of style. With so many assortments of stains and colours, you can update your home with a simple piece

Open Kitchens

Open Kitchens are increasing in demand. The idea of having an open-floor layout from the kitchen to the living room or family room is important to some. When entertaining or starting a family, open kitchens can bring more people together. The kitchen is the centrepiece of your home, treat it as such! This can be done by removing a wall, or if you’d like to get fancy- remove the wall and extend your kitchen out to the rest of your home with a dinner table, etc.

Attic Remodelling

Attic Remodelling is just as popular as Basement Remodelling. The attic can be used nowadays as a home office, an extra guest bedroom, or home gym rather than just an old room for storage. This also increases the value of your home for the simple reason that it could be considered an extra room! Attic Remodelling is a fairly easy project to accomplish as well.

Hopefully, we have helped spark some ideas for your Home Remodelling Project. Click here to find out more about our home Renovation services!



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