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Post by Daniel Bray

'Green Building' or 'Eco-Building' may be terms you've heard knocking around in various circles and may have dismissed as fads of the construction and architecture industries that will soon pass. But far from being a passing trend, Green Building is here to stay and for good reasons!

The crux of 'Green Building' lies in sustainable design and making buildings as energy efficient as possible, minimising the impact on the environment and human health over the building's entire life cycle. Just some of the environmental benefits outlined by websites like the Western North Carolina Green Building Council include a better standard of air and water, less waste and the protection of ecosystems, whilst  a reduction in operating expenses and improved property values are only some of the economic advantages. The health and comfort of the occupants , including better air quality, are among the social bonuses of Green Building.

According to The Greenage, domestic buildings account for between 30 and 40% of primary energy use in the UK. 'Primary energy use' usually refers to gas and electricity consumption. Meanwhile, The Carbon Trust, believes commerical buildings, for example, offices, hotels and shops, are responsible for 18% of the UK's carbon emissions. As you can see, it's important for you to embrace Green Building at home or for your business - it's likely to contribute to your company's positive reputation as an eco-friendly enterprise too!

How do we offer green eco-friendly building solutions to Yorkshire and beyond? states that Green Building entails building small if possible, with more energy and higher costs being required for bigger builds. They also outline how deciding where to build in the first place is a vital element of Green Building, to make the human impact on the surrounding area as little as possible. Erecting a building in a location that enjoys a lot of sunlight can help reduce energy bills and consumption, for instance.

Here at Bray Build Services Ltd we supply you with a high calibre of Green Building Services including:

  1. Alternative Building techniques- using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFS) and timber frames to name but a few methods. For more information on this visit our list of top 10 alternative construction methods.
  2. Infrared Heating-  This silent, efficient, energy saving way of heating your home trumps conventional heating that just warms up the air, in our opinion. This is because they heat solid objects like walls that hold onto heat to keep a property inviting and cosy, whilst keeping them dry, leading to significantly less damp and mould build up. For more details on this click here. 
  3. Internal Wall Insulation- Walls can be insulated using a range of techniques, but either way you'll be saving more energy and money as you won't be driven to turn the heating on as often when your walls are properly insulated. Want to know more? Just visit out Internal Wall Insulation page!
  4. PassivHaus Properties- This is the energy saving standard for domestic properties that is continually increasing in popularity. PassiveHaus buildings have robust thermal comfort and excellent levels of airtightness meaning airflow, dampness and moisture levels, humidity and insect ingress can be managed and controlled. Click here to find out how we put PassivHaus standards into practice.
  5. Door & Window Installation- Double glazing means a lower 'U-Value' for your property resulting in more energy being conserved. Triple glazing improves the energy saving rates even further! See our Door and Window Installation page for more information.

If you're interested in embracing Green Building for your domestic or commercial property, contact us today!



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